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The Artists Way: Monique Tippett Artist

As the day grows old and the sun sinks beneath the horizon, I am surrounded by a forest that hums with life, surrounded by the sounds of birds in song. I gaze upon the canopy, searching for the source of such sweet sounds and suddenly it all makes sense. At this particular moment I’m lost in thought, filled with inspiration and transported to a whole new world. About now you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, let me explain. You see, I just spent the last few hours in the art studio of Monique Tippett, watching in awe as she goes about creating her art. Monique’s  creative endeavours are all inspired by the surrounding Dwellingup Forrest. It is here a simple walk will fill her soul with inspiration. It is that very forest that I refer to above.

Monique’s artwork inspired by her surroundings, is a mixture of sculpture, painting and well anything else she feels like trying at the time. Monique has a particular affection with the technique of pyrography. I could tell this was one of her favorite techniques as I saw her eyes light up when she spoke of it. It is a combination of the above that has lead her work to be hung in places like Parliament House, Sir Charles Gairdner Mental Health Hospital and a personal favorite of mine Cheeky Monkey Brewery, along with many more.

To find out more about Monique and her work head to her website and check out her socials below. 

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