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The Artists Way: Nyssa

Here’s a few words from Nyssa about her art and her journey. Follow her on her Instagram 

My names Nyssa and I have been passionate about creating art ever since I could hold a pencil and glide it across the walls of my parents home. A piece of paper and pen has always grasped my attention more than anything else, I suppose it’s because when I made art for people who I love/loved it made me happy when they thought it was something worthy of being kept – and the more positive feedback I was given the more I wanted to create.

Although I have had many issues with “artists block” and I’m not sure whether that’s from lack of inspiration or just the factor of having depression. I tend to create heavier pieces of work when I am feeling down or when I want to “escape” I start doing pieces that involve a lot of detail and effort so I can be in my own world and only focus on that piece, nothing else.

I do get a lot of inspiration from people, whether it be their eyes or the shape of their body, as well as plants and also psychedelics.

I don’t have a personal style yet but that’s because I enjoy experimenting with a lot of different mediums and now I’m creating a lot of commission artwork for friends as well as people I’ve never met. I’m working my way towards becoming a tattoo artist so the personal art I create can be with someone forever.

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