About Me

I first picked up a camera almost 18 years ago. I was in year 7 and something had drawn me into selecting photography as one of my optional subjects. Not having known anybody else in the class, (I guess I was a little socially awkward back then, ok I guess I still am!) I distinctly remember just cruising around the school on my own taking these abstract photos that at the time I thought were amazing, thinking back to them now they were anything but!

A whole lot of life got in the way in between, but about 8 years ago I fell in love with photography again. It was food photography that drew me back in, capturing images of my creations for the world to see (or all 9 subscribers to my blog…and my mum). Then one day I was sick of the food not laughing at my jokes. I branched out and started doing portraits and spending a lot of the time in the studio shooting. Fast forward to now and I feel I’ve come full circle, strolling the streets of Perth with nothing but my camera for company and a desire to capture life as it happens.