The Artists Way: Chantelle Bates

The stark red earth. The swollen boab trees. The picturesque sunsets. The flowing rivers. The prolific wildlife. The majestic gorges. I mean really, if none of that inspires you, are you even living? Chantelle moved to Broome when she was about nine before moving up to Derby where she spent most of her youth taking […]

The Artists Way: Kirby

Music is art. The rhythm, the harmonies, the melodies – all of it. Even the distorted guitars cranked up to 11 can have such a dramatic impact on one’s emotions. For some, a life without music would be a whole lot less fulfilling. I have a strong connection with music myself, so nothing brought me greater […]

The Artists Way: Callum Davies

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending some time with emerging Mandurah Artist Callum Davies. He has always had a creative side having played drums for over 16 years, however, a bone disease and the stresses he was facing at work led him on the search

Smiling at Strangers – Karijini

There’s a lot to be said about smiling, some say it can boost your mood, others say that they are contagious and can boost your immune system and reduce stress. I say people need to smile more, we live in a world where people walk into one another because they have their heads stuck in […]

The Artists Way: Nyssa

Here’s a few words from Nyssa about her art and her journey. Follow her on her Instagram  My names Nyssa and I have been passionate about creating art ever since I could hold a pencil and glide it across the walls of my parents home.